Choosing a Nitrogen Source for Forage Crops

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The menu of nitrogen sources is quite large. However, all sources are not created equal. Nor do forage grasses, like bermudagrass, respond to each source the same way. There are reasons for this. Consider these facts when choosing the best agronomic and economic source of nitrogen for your crops. Urea and urea containing sources like UAN (urea ammonium nitrate) are subject to a potential loss of some nitrogen due to volatilization (nitrogen escape as ammonia into the atmosphere). This loss results when urea and urea containing sources are...

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The Wheat/Soybean Double Crop System

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Advanced planning and timeliness of operations are two keys to top-profit double crop soybeans. At twelve to fifteen dollar a bushel, soybeans are no longer a second class crop. They deserve first class attention, just like peanuts, cotton, corn or vegetables. The following management practices often limit double-crop soybean yield and/or quality. SOIL TEST RESULTS: Each field should be tested at least every third year. The nutrient reservoir should be in the medium to high range for phosphorus and potassium. Soil acidity should be between pH...

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Balanced Nutrition

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Balanced Nutrition is vital for both plants and animals alike. It is essential for optimum growth as well as for resistance to stress. Eighteen nutrients have been proven essential for crop development. Of these, Nitrogen (N) is needed in the largest amounts by most non-legume crops like corn, wheat, cotton, pecans or forage grasses. Potassium (K) often comes in a close second, especially as we strive for top-profit crop yields. But let’s focus upon a few N facts for this Spring. • N is an investment. Remember cost/lb N applied might not...

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Apply For Your G.A.T.E Card Now!

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Apply for your Georgia Agricultural Tax Exemption Card (G.A.T.E.) Now Many growers already know that the Georgia laws governing Sales Tax on agricultural products  have changed.  On  January 1, 2013, all ST-1 Sales Tax Exemption certificates became invalid.  These are the certificates Growers have furnished to their various input suppliers.If you have not done so, you can go to and apply.  Response time is quick and you should have your printable certificate in a matter of minutes.  To apply by phone, call...

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